Anesthesia for the pediatric patient:

Children are not born with fear of the dentist. A ‘learning process’ has to take place to create this negative emotion. Psychologists tell us that a traumatic experience during childhood may affect the way we feel and behave later in life. Nowhere is this more true than with visits to the dentist. The mouth is a very personal area and highly innervated. Many fearful children have had painful dental experiences. These experiences often lead them to have dental anxiety and to avoid the dentist. Many of these children will carry these fears well into their adult lives.

Is Anesthesia Safe:

Anesthesia is administered by Dr. John Holt, who was trained in a formal anesthesia residency program. He carries the most state of the art anesthesia equipment in the industry.

Medications used are all current, considered safe, and used as intended. Dr. Holt, through his clinical skills and modern electronic equipment, monitors the vital signs (heart rate & rhythm, respirations, oxygen level, blood pressure and temperature) and assures they are maintained normally throughout the procedure. The safety record of advanced anesthesia services by dentist anesthesiologists is unsurpassed in today’s healthcare industry. No patient should be denied access to quality dental care for lack of adequate control of pain and anxiety.